The team at IGS are incredibly passionate about the BIM content services we provide and we work extremely hard to deliver the best possible project outcomes at all times. Accordingly, we like to think we do a pretty good job.

But rather than reading all the inevitably hyperbolic things we have to say about ourselves, perhaps it’s more pertinent to see what others think about our BIM content services? Below are a few testimonials from some industry specialists and some of our clients regarding the quality of our various BIM-related services.

Our experience working with IGS has been both enjoyable and beneficial to ensuring the continued growth of our business. CHS originally developed a Revit library with another BIM content creator, but upon providing it to our clients we learned it was not suitable for their needs. A client recommended we speak with IGS about creating a library that would provide them with real value in creating documentation and specifying our products.
It was clear from early on that IGS had very close ties with a number of our key clients and intimately understood how to build content they would actually use. IGS also put a great deal of effort into understanding the capabilities of our product range which is quite complex. We now have a Revit library that is appreciated by our clients who find it easier to specify our products, ensuring we are specified more often and more accurately. We are also excited about the potential for process and operational benefits our Revit library will provide us, beyond being used by specifiers.
At all times the service from IGS has been attentive, friendly and genuinely considerate of our business objectives. We would highly recommend IGS to other manufacturers seeking a supplier of Revit content and sound advice on BIM strategy.

Jason Swaffield
National Sales Manager
CHS Healthcare

As a co-author of ANZRS (Australia/New Zealand Revit Standards) I have come across many manufacturers in the past that have had to remake their Revit content several times simply because they trusted the ‘wrong’ firms to make their content.

Unfortunately it is difficult for manufacturers to distinguish good content from bad Revit/BIM content and it is a shame that manufacturers can still be so easily tricked into working with content creation firms that really aren’t committed to servicing their needs with the professional integrity that I expect from this industry. I believe that any client that chooses to have IGS make their Revit/BIM content would receive content that would meet this essential benchmark. In my experience (IGS) have proven to be very passionate individuals who have committed themselves to going beyond current industry standards and are helping raise the bar in the service that manufacturers are entitled to expect within this industry.

I feel confident that IGS have both the experience and the technical competence necessary to provide their clients with content that is well researched and tested in terms of the best way to approach a specific component range.”

Michelle Van Kolck
BIM Consultant

Our experiWith the rapid increase of BIM workflows being utilised on commercial projects, Dulux was keen to develop tools that enabled our products to be selected and documented ‘within’ BIM design platforms, starting with Revit. In seeking a BIM solutions provider, Dulux sought advice from experts within the design community and IGS was recommended by a number of industry leaders.
From the outset, IGS understood our intention to go beyond just creating ‘BIM paint files’ and break new ground in how colour and paint could be incorporated into projects using BIM authoring software. IGS conceived the idea of creating a user-friendly ‘pick and paint’ add-in that mimicked the Dulux online ‘Colour Atlas’ with an interface that painted surfaces in the project model and embedded key data that allowed immediate scheduling. Importantly, IGS was able to produce a well thought out and costed scope of works with clear milestones and timelines.
Since its release, numerous clients have remarked that the ‘Colour Atlas’ add-in is a highly valuable, multi-faceted design and documentation tool that has changed the way they select and specify paint in Revit.
IGS have been an attentive, enthusiastic partner and on hand to provide advice and support where needed. We would highly recommend IGS as a creator of BIM solutions and BIM strategy to others, as we have already done on a number of occasions.

Mathew Henson
BIM Development & Commercial Specification Manager

Having been given Revit (BIM) content from a large number of manufacturers, it’s my opinion the Revit content created for manufacturers by IGS BIM Solutions is the most consistent in terms of quality and the most likely to be used in a project by our design team. Unlike many BIM content creators, IGS has an intimate understanding of what elements are critical to ensuring the Revit families they create can be easily used by project designers and work well in a project model environment. I see IGS as the industry leader in their field and I would highly recommend them as a provider of Revit content to manufacturers that want to ensure they are investing in the best possible Revit library for their products.

Belinda Thompson
BIM Coordinator

Britex engaged IGS when we were looking for a better solution to our Revit content strategy. We had been extremely dissatisfied with what we had been provided by Revit content creation companies previously. Commercial project design clients were unhappy with the Revit content we were providing them.
IGS worked closely with us to create a Revit content library that was catered to the needs of our target market (Architects, Interior Designers and Hydraulic Engineers). IGS even involved some of our key clients in the content creation process, ensuring the end result was to our clients’ satisfaction. It was clear that IGS had an excellent reputation among BIM professionals in the industry and this no doubt worked to our benefit.”
Our specifier clients are now happier than ever with the service we’re providing. Our specification frequency is continues to grow and our reputation as an industry leader has never been greater. The feedback we receive from Australia’s biggest Architecture and Engineering firms about our Revit content is outstanding. We consider working with IGS as our BIM services provider to be a key part of our sales and marketing strategy.

David Kelly
National Sales Manager

As BIM continues to grow and evolve, its reach through the value chain also spreads. It therefore means different things to different people. The one key component, regardless of where you sit within the pantheon of BIM, is high quality BIM content. Without it you will battle to gain the value that BIM can undoubtedly deliver.
To produce quality BIM content requires high levels of skill, ingenuity and vision in the areas of data management, software knowledge and construction knowledge. It also needs an understanding of the value chain, product marketing, and how to add value to both the product supplier and design professional. Unfortunately not all in this space have the complete skill set. As a result, I regularly receive BIM content from product suppliers that is at best disappointing and at worst, entirely useless. This results in conversations with suppliers that usually revolve around disappointment and frustration because they selected the wrong BIM content creation company to invest their marketing dollars with.
IGS understand this and as a result, they are industry leaders. Their content is of high quality, well researched, and adds value to the design professional, the product manufacturer / supplier who have invested in it, and the industry as a whole.”

Chris Houghton
BIM Manager

Miele is well known to have an unwavering commitment to quality in all things we do. Based on the research we did with our clients and our interaction with the IGS team, it’s clear to us IGS share this ethos and they are capable of delivering products and services in line with our standards. Our relationship with IGS is key to ensuring we stay at the forefront of innovation in design technology and providing the right tools to specifiers. IGS’s direct ties to our A&D clients means they acutely understand their needs and how we as a supplier need to be creating and communicating our BIM content. Being able to communicate updates to our BIM library in real-time with the design community through UNIFI ‘CONNECT’ is especially valuable to us.

Ben Curmi
Head of Project Sales (AU/NZ)

Metlam saw investing in BIM as a key factor in achieving our objective to grow our commercial project sales through architectural specification. Research told us it was vital we chose a BIM content partner that knew how to create BIM content specifically catered to the needs of commercial project designers. IGS was recommended by several Architecture firms as the best BIM content provider in the business. To date, working with the IGS team has been a pleasure. The quality of their service has been outstanding.

On many occasions specifiers have been sceptical of our BIM content, due to bad experiences with manufacturers’ content in the past. But when we referenced IGS as our content creator they said “oh, great!” The feedback we have received from clients about our BIM content so far has been extremely favourable.

By having BIM content freely available for our products in Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp formats, designers are able to document our products faster and more accurately, meaning we are specified more often. We would definitely recommend IGS to other companies seeking a BIM content provider.

Gavin Kerr
General Manager
Metlam Australia

Hassell Logo

Hassell engaged IGS to reconfigure and QA a substantial library of Revit families so they could be incorporated into a project model for a large healthcare project we were working on.

Rather than completing this work internally, Hassell contracted the services of IGS as the content needed to be updated in a very short period of time. By outsourcing to IGS our internal resources could continue working on project design and coordination tasks, without being ‘tied up’ doing content work. Given the size of the actual project, the amount of content involved and the need for families to conform to specific project standards, it was critical that all families were of an extremely high quality with consistency being a particularly important feature.

IGS not only completed the work according to the project brief within the challenging project timelines, but also raised and rectified a number of additional inconsistencies and errors with numerous families, outside the project scope which was greatly appreciated. We would gladly work with IGS again in the future.

Craig Howell-Jones
UK Group BIM Coordinator

Wilkhahn wanted to develop a global Revit library and required assistance to deliver the right solution. IGS via Ben and Dominic guided us through the process providing a focused and considered strategy. Importantly, IGS were able to accurately recreate our products in Revit, reflecting the aesthetic and engineering qualities of our products, incorporating an appropriate balance of LOD and file size requirements.

The IGS team were always available to answer any questions, discuss creation strategies and implement updates promptly throughout the library development process.

The feedback we have received from our clients to date has been great and we will continue working with IGS as we work towards a complete Revit library for our product range.

Dan Connell
Industrial Designer

The Britex library is to date the most well planned and professional collection of Revit plumbing fixture families that we have seen. The families have been created from scratch, are not bloated with unnecessary data or over-modelled geometry, yet contain everything that is required for BIM collaboration and scheduling. Modelled to ANZRS standards, they include specification codes, understandable parameters, pre-loaded materials and product URLs. The sensible use of geometry and visibility settings make these a pleasure to work with, and should serve as a guide for any content creation.”

National BIM Manager
Hames Sharley

The Britex Revit library is arguably the most well-known and highly regarded manufacturer’s library among architecture professionals using Revit in Australia. Whilst a lot of manufacturers have invested in Revit content for their products, unfortunately, most of the manufacturer’s libraries we have seen to date are unusable in a project model for one reason or another. Britex has clearly taken the time to understand what Revit users want from manufacturers and the quality and usability of the Britex Revit families reflects this. It’s truly great to see manufacturers like Britex creating Revit content that designers can actually use in a BIM project. I am sure Britex will see a greatly increased level of specification because of it.

BIM Manager
Cox Architects

Britex has taken steps to put them at the cutting edge of BIM right now, they have consulted with BIM users to understand what we actually need in our content, and then delivered it. Very few companies have been able to achieve such a quality library of components that I can drop into a model with complete confidence, I really believe that Britex has shown a the most complete approach to providing quality content and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Design Technology Coordinator

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