Revit Add-Ins

Revit Add-Ins – Custom Creation Services

The Revit Add-Ins created by IGS are developed by a team of BIM specialists with the strategic and technical expertise to ensure they are first class. Our understanding of BIM workflows, project documentation, data management and working with the Revit API ensures our team can provide clients with a complete ‘concept to delivery’ development service for bespoke Revit Add-Ins.
Whether it be developing a simple add-in to automate a specific process (or processes) in Revit, or working with product suppliers to develop fully customised Revit Add-Ins to manage content for complex product ranges, our team can research, scope, develop, deliver and manage Revit Add-Ins that provide users with significant efficiency gains.

“In seeking a BIM solutions provider, Dulux sought advice from experts within the design community and IGS was recommended by a number of industry leaders. From the outset, IGS understood our intention to go beyond just creating ‘BIM paint files’ and break new ground in how colour and paint could be incorporated into projects using BIM authoring software. Since its release, numerous clients have remarked that the ‘Colour Atlas’ add-in is a highly valuable, multi-faceted design and documentation tool that has changed the way they select and specify paint in Revit. IGS have been an attentive, enthusiastic partner and on hand to provide advice and support where needed. We would highly recommend IGS as a creator of BIM solutions and BIM strategy to others, as we have already done on a number of occasions.”

Mat Henson
BIM Development & Commercial Specification Manager

Complex Product Information in an Easy to Use Format

Revit Add-ins provide design professionals with easy access to product information within the Revit project environment during the building design and construction process. Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and Contractors are able to select products for their specific project’s needs via a fully customised, highly intuitive and easy to use graphical interface.

A Revit Add-in can also convey complex information about a product’s application, finish and installation requirements through easy to follow visual prompts.

Complex Problems Solved with Revit Add-ins

Revit Add-ins provide significant potential for creating custom functionality and providing large productivity gains for Revit users. Some of the common objectives for developing a custom Revit Add-in include:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Automatically generating complex geometry
  • Import and export customised data
  • Model performance analysis
  • Perform checks to ensure models comply with standards and codes
  • Linking to external databases
  • Monitoring client preferences
  • Delivering key updates and marketing information

A Great Marketing Opportunity

Developing a custom, highly intuitive Revit Add-in can be an excellent point of difference for Building Product Manufacturers and a great way to streamline the way your product is specified by design professionals. This is especially advantageous where a product range is overly large or complex to specify, allowing the supplier to build in a number of constraints and conditional functionality, ensuring that products are specified and documented correctly. In doing so, a great deal of benefit is derived throughout the supply chain; from the specifier who is able to more easily and accurately document the product(s), to the contractor who can more confidently rely on the data for procurement and installation, to the supplier for pre-fabrication and project-specific manufacturing planning.

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