About – Company Overview

“Start with WHY” – Simon Sinek

Why do we do what we do?

The IGS Team of BIM Content Specialists, Technicians and Strategy Advisers are passionate about BIM and exploring the ways it can be utilised to achieve greater outcomes in developing the built environment. The true benefits of BIM and Design Technology will only be realised when all segments of the AEC community are able to contribute their combined resources, knowledge and ingenuity. 

IGS is a specialist in facilitating the BIM contribution of Building Product Manufacturers (BPM’s). We enjoy helping BPM’s improve their business by leveraging our expertise in BIM and Design Technology.

Why the focus on BIM content for Manufacturers?

Our interest in manufacturer’s BIM content is derived from personally working with Building Product Manufacturers in the past and experiencing firsthand the substandard BIM content creation and advice being provided by (some) other BIM content ‘specialists’.

Whilst BPM’s have great intentions, they often invest in BIM content that turns out to be useless to designers. This means that the manufacturer has effectively wasted their money, designers are devoid of content they can utilise and the AEC industry’s ability to derive maximum benefit from BIM technologies and workflows is significantly stifled. This in turn impacts industry productivity and the broader economy.

Drawing on our passion for BIM and Design Technology, and combining our collective skills, experience and networks we are able to provide maximum value to our clients and to our industry as a whole… and have a lot of great fun in the process.

We take great pride in:

  • Having an uncompromising commitment to quality in all solutions we create for our clients.
  • Creating BIM content solutions across multiple design platforms including Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp.
  • Maintaining our reputation among Australian BIM Managers / Architects / Engineers as a preferred supplier of BIM content to BPM’s.
  • Translating building elements into BIM content in the most user-friendly way, reflecting current industry workflows, standards and software capabilities.
  • Catering our services towards the unique objectives and strategies of our clients.

Our Values Define Us


By intimately understanding the specific challenges, objectives and business goals of each client we are able to provide solutions and strategic advice that delivers them the greatest possible value. Our clients’ best interests are paramount in all we do.


Through regular, honest and professional communication, we seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency and accountability. Our clients can depend on us to ‘do the right thing’ at all times.


By identifying how to effectively leverage new design technologies and workflows in a creative way, we are able to provide our clients with best-of-breed, results-driven solutions focusing on the virtues of simplicity and ingenuity.


Our desire to see our clients succeed, combined with our enduring quest to find more effective ways to achieve superior results ensures we are continually motivated to create industry-best solutions that contribute the advancement of the AEC industry via new technologies. Solving complex problems and going the extra mile is what we do best.


We wholeheartedly believe in and embrace the power of teamwork. By collaborating with other specialists and thought leaders, IGS is able to create superior solutions for our clients that are more acutely geared towards industry needs and provide more valuable outcomes.


In a dynamic industry that is frequently impacted by advancements in technology we are committed to continually adapting our skills and services to ensure we offering our clients the best possible solutions for achieving their specific business objectives.

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