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BIMcontent.com is a fast-growing, free-to-use resource of manufacturer-based BIM content. Owned and operated by BIM and Revit content specialists IGS Group, it was launched in 2021 in response to growing requests from both Specifiers and Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs). A hallmark of BIMcontent.com is the strict adherence to quality standards, ensuring all content on the platform is developed to align with a best-practices creation methodology. This ‘quality guarantee’ makes BIMcontent.com a first port of call for BIM Managers and project designers seeking quality content for their designs and project BIM models.

Having worked with both BPMs and Specifiers for over a decade, IGS was receiving requests with increasing frequency to provide a solution that connected Specifiers with the high-quality BIM content libraries IGS was developing for leading BPMs, a common objective that could be summarised as follows:

  • Designers were asking IGS to provide a single location to freely access a diverse range of manufacturer-based BIM content with the assurance the content is developed to a consistent, best-practices standard that helps them save time, improve project outputs and streamline workflows, and without the risk of sub-standard BIM content that can cause significant problems to project models.
  • Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) were asking IGS to connect them with IGS’ extensive network of architecture, engineering, and contracting firms to increase awareness of their BIM content, and in turn, assist with design and project specification workflows. BPMs were also seeking assistance with hosting their BIM content on their own websites, and the ability to obtain metrics for assessing client engagement and ROI.

As a result of working with IGS and developing our BIM capabilities, we’ve been able to increase our specification volume and provide our sales team with better tools and engagement methods when collaborating with project designers. The decision to make our BIM content available on the BIMcontent.com platform was based on our objective to provide designers with the best possible user experience when browsing and accessing our extensive library of BIM content, and in ensuring we are able to gain key insights into how our BIM content is being engaged with.

Product Manager

Access to quality Revit content is vital for design firms like Conrad Gargett, who work on complex, large-scale Revit projects across various sectors such as Healthcare, Education, Multi-Res and others. Sourcing Revit content from manufacturers is preferred, as this means less modelling for us, more streamlined design processes and better model accuracy. The high-quality content hosted on BIMcontent.com gives us great confidence it can be used in our projects and ensures we can access it easily at any time.

Revit Manager (National)

BIMcontent.com was created as the answer for both designers and building product manufacturers – one unique platform connecting both parties with a firm focus on quality and consistency. Check out the platform here: www.BIMcontent.com.

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