Metlam Case Study

Quality Washroom Accessories BIM Content

BIM Strategy / Revit, ArchiCAD & SketchUp Content Creation

Project Summary

Metlam is Australia‚Äôs leading supplier of commercial washroom accessories. In recent years the company has grown its market share within this product category at an impressive rate, owing to a shift in strategy that has seen them focus heavily on achieving greater volumes of architectural specification. A key to achieving this significant increase in specification-driven sales has been engaging IGS to create the Metlam BIM content library and provide BIM strategy advice.

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Project Background

In recent years, Metlam made a strategic decision to shift its focus firmly towards becoming the most specified supplier of commercial Washroom Accessories in Australia. In addition to employing a team of staff dedicated to servicing specifiers, developing innovative products and creating a new suite of marketing tools (website, catalogue etc) Metlam put a high priority on generating quality BIM content that would allow designers to specify their products easier and faster than that of their competitors. Metlam engaged IGS to supply them with BIM content across multiple platforms including Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp to ensure they were able to provide native BIM content to the greatest possible number of specifiers.


The Metlam product range is significantly large, with many of their products available in a various sizes, configurations and finishes. Unfortunately, for many of these options and variables Metlam were unable to provide current CAD files that could be used a