IGS BIM Advisory Panel – Australia’s Finest Assembly of BIM Specialists

To ensure the BIM solutions we create cater to the current, specific needs and preferences of AEC professionals, IGS regularly seeks consultation from our BIM Advisory Panel. These advisors are highly regarded BIM specialists and industry leaders, currently working in Australia’s largest and most prolific design firms.

IGS BIM Advisory Panel members volunteer their time and expertise to assist IGS and our clients in the knowledge they are more likely to end up with BIM content from manufacturers that can be incorporated into firm-based content libraries and used to produce project documentation, without first requiring significant, costly modification

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” – Roy H. Williams


Michelle Van Kolck



Michelle is one of the most respected professionals within the Australian BIM / Revit community. Her unwavering passion for quality content creation and Revit system design / management are particular hallmarks. Michelle is currently a BIM Consultant at Woods Bagot where she oversees the company’s global content creation / template standards and content creation training material, having previously worked in system / content development roles with Woolworths, Mirvac DesignPDT Architecture and Benn Design. Michelle is recognised as one of the original co-authors and key drivers of ANZRS (Australia & New Zealand Revit Standards).

Michael Ruehr



Michael is a self-confessed Revit tragic with over 35 years’ experience in all facets of the building industry, working throughout Germany, India and Australia. A highly respected identity within the BIM / AEC professional community, Michael has held positions such as Project Manager, Designer and Drafter and has experience in infrastructure, commercial, hospitality, residential, and government projects. He has extensive on-site construction knowledge and significant experience in Revit systems implementation, training and support. He has been working with Revit for 14 years and BIM Management for the past 10 years, currently with HASSELL.

Chris Houghton



Chris has more than 30 years Architecture industry experience working on commercial, defence, education, infrastructure, medical and residential projects in offices of all sizes. In the late 90’s his focus moved to data management and since 2007 Chris has worked in Design Technology oriented roles, managing change and the new structures, processes, procedures, data and user support that BIM requires within Architecture, Engineering and Asset Management organisations.

Rhys Hall

John Wardle Architects

BIM Manager

Rhys is the BIM Manager at John Wardle Architects and has over 10 years’ experience in the implementation and training of Revit, specialising in the complexities of tying together BIM with Architectural workflows and systems. Prior to his current role, Rhys worked with Elenberg Fraser DesignInc and Cox Architecture and has worked extensively on library development including integration of ANZRS compliance with in house standards and creating complex families. In addition to Revit, Rhys is well versed in Navisworks, Rhino, 3dsMax, AutoCAD and Sketchup, as well as Grasshopper and Dynamo (Graphical programming).

Belinda Thompson


BIM Leader

A highly regarded BIM professional, Belinda has worked in BIM management roles for several years, previously as Studio BIM Manager at Woodhead, now as WA BIM Coordinator at GHD|Woodhead. She has a wealth of technical knowledge working with Autodesk design applications, especially Revit, and has vast experience in BIM implementation, design technology adoption, technical drafting, project delivery and digital workflow.

Brooke Lawton

Architectus / BIM Consulting

BIM Consultant

In his role as National BIM Manager, Brooke is responsible for developing Hames Sharley’s overarching BIM strategy and Revit standards. With a strong background in computational design, Brooke is a leader in researching Design Technologies and ensuring that Hames Sharley remains an industry leader in utilising emerging BIM workflows to deliver a high-value, cost-effective product to their clients

Mark Abrahams


NSW/ACT Buildings BIM Leader

With over 15 years’ experience in leading architectural practices in Sydney and London, Mark has an impressive international portfolio ranging from stadiums to large complex hospitals. As NSW/ACT Buildings BIM Leader, Mark is responsible for development, training and implementation to maximise dwp’s BIM and Revit capabilities. His passion and expertise of integrating leading-edge BIM technology has been evident in the successful delivery of major BIM projects throughout Australia.

Dominic Martens

Silver Thomas Hanley

Design Technology Leader

Dominic is the Design Technology Leader at renowned healthcare design firm Silver Thomas Hanley. In this role, Dominic works alongside a team of highly skilled and experienced BIM managers, project managers and technology specialists to help shape the future of BIM best practises. With over 10 years’ Architectural / CAD / BIM experience, specialising in developing and managing BIM content, Dominic was most recently employed as the BIM Manager for John Wardle Architects (JWA) and was previously the Lead Content Creator and a Revit Mentor for Hassell’s global studio network.

Ceilidh Higgins

Custance Associates

Interior Design Leader & Senior Associate

Ceilidh is an Interior Design Leader and Senior Associate at Custance Associates. A well-known BIM industry professional that has presented at a number of BIM industry conferences, Ceilidh has several years’ experience leading teams using Revit for all interior design projects across workplace, healthcare and laboratory projects of various scales. Ceilidh has herself used Revit as her primary design tool since 2007. Ceilidh writes on interior design, green design and BIM via her blog, ‘The Midnight Lunch’.

Simon Gibbs

WSP Group

BIM Technical Leader

Simon Gibbs is WSP Asia Pacific’s BIM Group Services Leader, based in Melbourne. With a mechanical services background vast experience in the application of Revit, Simon has led implementation and training in Revit documentation and BIM process around WSP’s Australian group since he commenced using the software in 2008.

Anthony Habashy


Digital Engineering Manager

Anthony is a Digital Engineering Manager at Mirvac and a specialist in the implementation of BIM systems, in particular Revit, BIM support and the development of BIM standards. In this role he is responsible for the future technology and implementation of BIM within Mirvac. Before joining Mirvac, Anthony worked at Group GSA, Hassell and HBO+EMTB in BIM management roles and has been pivotal in successfully utilising BIM processes on a number of large, iconic commercial projects.

Erika Voges

Wood & Grieve Engineers

Hydraulic Project Engineer

Erika is a Project Engineer working in Wood & Grieve’s Hydraulic Section in Perth, WA. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a keen interest in the advancement and implementation of BIM within the engineering sphere, Erika is involved in every phase of the project development life cycle, from schematic design through to practical completion. Erika is as specialist in designing and documenting projects in Revit and integrating hydraulics heavily into the BIM world having successfully utilised advanced BIM workflows in various WGE projects across WA including iconic health and sporting facilities.

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