BIM Marketing & Strategy for Manufacturers

IGS provides manufacturers all the support necessary to ensure a successful BIM marketing strategy

For Building Product Manufacturers (BPM’s), the most common deterrent from investing in BIM is not necessarily doubting its capacity to be successful or a belief that BIM is a passing fad (the ship has well and truly sailed on that one).

For some time now, most product manufacturers have accepted that investing in BIM is inevitable if they are to remain competitive in the specification market.

The main thing stopping a lot of BPM’s from investing in BIM is a fear of the unknown and doubting their capacity to support such an investment adequately to make it profitable. i.e. “We don’t have the necessary resources required to make BIM work for us”.

We’re Here to Help Every Step Of The Way

Since 2009, the IGS team has worked with Building Product Manufacturers (BPM’s) to develop highly effective specification sales strategies stemming from the development of BIM content libraries.

IGS offers a range of BIM marketing and sales support services that ensure our BPM clients are able to both accelerate and maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) gained from developing BIM content with IGS. These services – fully customisable to each client’s specific needs – draw on our extensive network of key BIM personnel working in Australia’s largest and most prolific design firms, our intimate understanding of how BIM content is sourced / managed / utilised by AEC firms and our experience creating integrated, specification-focused marketing plans for BPM’s.

BIM Marketing and Strategy Planning


For BPM’s investing in BIM content as part of a broader marketing strategy, it’s crucial that from the outset, adequate pre-planning goes into the process of BIM content development. If you have a large product range, which products will you develop content for first? Who are your target users? What BIM content formats will you invest in? What are your content creation project timelines?


Like any strategic marketing investment, funding is a major consideration. Where will the money come from? Can BIM actually save you money (seriously)? How much will you spend in the short / long term? Will you undertake a series of small projects or one large one? How do you expect to get ROI? What ‘other’ costs do you need to consider outside content creation in a BIM marketing strategy?


There are no awards or financial gains simply for creating BIM content. Unless your target market is aware of your content and using it to specify your products, your investment in BIM will inevitably go largely unrewarded. How are you going to maximise awareness of your BIM content? Do you know specifically whom you need to tell about it?


Once you have invested in a BIM solution, how are you going to effectively and clearly communicate the virtues of your content? How will you describe your BIM content to your intended target users so they know if it’s of use to them or not? FREE TIP: saying you have ‘BIM Drawings’ available for your products is an epic failure… please don’t do that.


The most effective BIM marketing strategies are integrated and complementary to other activities undertaken by the business. How will BIM be integrated to your specification sales team’s activities? How will you include BIM in your PR, social media and company website to increase the effectiveness of those initiatives? Can your BIM investment help your estimators, project managers and operations team?


So you’ve developed BIM content for your products (which is often quite boring in isolation, truth be known) and you’re getting it out into the marketplace so specifiers will use it to specify your products. Now what? If you think that’s all BIM content can do, you’re missing some great opportunities to use your BIM content in more creative ways that can really add value to your broader marketing activities.

“Our experience working with IGS has been both enjoyable and beneficial to ensuring the continued growth of our business… From the outset it was clear IGS had very close ties with a number of our key clients… We now have a Revit library that is appreciated by our clients who find it easier to specify our products, ensuring we are specified more often and more accurately…We would highly recommend IGS to other manufacturers seeking a supplier of Revit content and sound advice on BIM strategy.”

Jason Swaffield
National Sales Manager

“IGS was able to produce a well thought out and costed scope of works with clear milestones and timelines… numerous clients have remarked that the ‘Colour Atlas’ add-in is a highly valuable, multi-faceted design and documentation tool that has changed the way they select and specify paint in Revit.… IGS have been an attentive, enthusiastic partner and on hand to provide advice and support where needed. We would highly recommend IGS as a creator of BIM solutions and BIM strategy to others, as we have already done on a number of occasions.”

Mathew Henson
BIM Development & Commercial Specification Manager

“Metlam saw investing in BIM as a key factor in increasing our objective to grow our commercial project sales through architectural specification. To date, working with the IGS team has been a pleasure. The quality of their service has been outstanding… the feedback we have received from clients about our BIM content so far has been extremely favourable… designers are able to document our products faster and more accurately, meaning we are specified more often. We would definitely recommend IGS to other companies seeking a BIM content provider.”

Gavin Kerr
General Manager

“IGS worked closely with us to create a Revit content library that was catered to the needs of our target market…. It was clear that IGS had an excellent reputation among BIM professionals in the industry and this no doubt worked to our benefit… Our specification frequency is continues to grow and our reputation as an industry leader has never been greater. The feedback we receive from Australia’s biggest Architecture and Engineering firms about our Revit content is outstanding. We consider working with IGS as our BIM services provider to be a key part of our sales and marketing strategy.”

David Kelly
National Sales Manager

What Sort of BIM Marketing Support Services Can IGS Provide?

Presentation Documents

A key driver in maximising awareness and providing insight into a BPM’s BIM content library is drawing on the existing relationships between sales/specification staff and specifiers.  IGS is able to create overview documents that can be presented to specifiers / BIM managers highlighting the key features of the library from a technical perspective using terminology your clients will understand and appreciate. This will provide potential content users with confidence in the quality of your library and lead to a greater likelihood it will be used. In addition, this document can also be made available for download from the manufacturer’s website and included with the library when provided on a disc or accessed from an external location.

BIM Content Distribution

IGS has existing relationships and regular dialogue with key BIM personnel in Australia’s largest and most prolific design firms. These BIM Managers are pivotal in assessing the quality of BIM content submitted by BPM’s and deciding if the content will be used and / or integrated into the firm’s content library for use in projects. IGS is able to provide your content library directly to these BIM Managers and leverage our reputation as a creator of high quality BIM content, ensuring your library is received and viewed favorably.

Online Marketing & PR

IGS has a vast online presence that is highly engaged with the Australian AEC community; specifically BIM Managers, Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors. Using tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter and AEC News Media sites, IGS is able to generate a significant amount of exposure for any BIM marketing campaign, aimed at a very specific audience. As a general rule, BIM Managers are more engaged in social / professional media than their ‘non-BIM’ colleagues. They are technology people. Accordingly they are comparatively active on social media, especially for professional engagement and BIM information sharing purposes. This provides intuitive manufacturers with a great opportunity to leverage these communication mediums.

Marketing Collateral Creation

The degree to which a BIM marketing strategy built on the back of BIM content creation is successful or not is largely based on the BPM’s ability to communicate what they have created. IGS are strong advocates for educating BPM’s on BIM so they are empowered to ‘own’ their content and promote their library in their own right. However, there is a certain amount of technical proficiency required to create marketing collateral that succinctly communicates the features and benefits of a BIM content library. IGS specialise in writing PR copy and creating visuals that BPM’s can use in a range of marketing campaigns and communication mediums such as company websites, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, social media, PR and paid advertisements. This collateral is created using the right technical terminologies and drawing attention to the specific features that matter to designers when providing an overview of a manufacturer’s BIM content library. FREE TIP: if you are promoting your BIM content, don’t just call it ‘BIM content’. Make sure you mention what specific format(s) you have available!

BIM Education and Staff Training

We hear it regularly. “Our sales team get asked about BIM all the time”. Then what happens? Are your team able to communicate with your clients on the subject… at all? Is your leadership team able to make decisions about future sales and marketing strategies with an understanding of how BIM is impacting the industry? Do you know how other suppliers are using BIM as a strategic sales tool? If you’re like most people in the industry you will no doubt be hearing a lot of conflicting information about BIM. From “no one is doing BIM” to “everyone is doing BIM”. What does “doing BIM” even mean?. Are you able to separate BIM-fact from BIM-fiction?  As an important stakeholder in the commercial building industry, it’s important that BPM’s – especially those in leadership positions – have at least a basic understanding of BIM, how it is impacting the industry and how it applies to product suppliers. IGS frequently provides BIM education and training to a number product supplier sales and management teams as a way of ensuring they can be effective in their respective roles and keep ‘up to speed’ relative to similar industry stakeholders.

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