BIM Content Libraries

IGS provides a wide range of BIM content services to AEC firms that can be procured on an ongoing basis or as a one-off project. Customised to suit each client’s specific BIM content needs and preferences, our creation and management services for BIM Content Libraries are available to firms using Revit and ArchiCAD.

By engaging IGS for BIM content support, AEC firms are able to benefit from our expertise in developing BIM content – both basic and complex in nature – to the highest industry standards with extreme efficiency. This frees up internal resources to be more productive in their design duties and ensures staff have immediate access to consistently developed, documentation-ready BIM Content Libraries.

BIM Content Services for AEC Firms

Every AEC firm has different requirements when it comes to BIM content. Accordingly, IGS offers its clients a ‘one stop shop’ solution for virtually all BIM content related needs. Our most commonly requested services include:

  • BIM Content Creation (Revit and ArchiCAD)
    • Firm-based Library Development
    • Project-specific Content
    • Advanced / Complex Content Creation
    • Emergency / Urgent Content Creation
  • BIM Content Management Solutions
  • Auditing Existing Content Libraries
  • Sourcing Content from 3rd Parties
  • Content Creation Templates
  • Content Conversion (e.g. CAD to BIM)
  • Content Library Development Strategies and Consulting

What do others think about our BIM Content Library Services?

Hassell Logo

Hassell engaged IGS to reconfigure and QA a substantial library of Revit families so they could be incorporated into a project model for a large healthcare project we were working on. Rather than completing this work internally, Hassell contracted the services of IGS as the content needed to be updated in a very short period of time. By outsourcing to IGS our internal resources could continue working on project design and coordination tasks, without being ‘tied up’ doing content work. Given the size of the actual project, the amount of content involved and the need for families to conform to specific project standards, it was critical that all families were of an extremely high quality with consistency being a particularly important feature. IGS not only completed the work according to the project brief within the challenging project timelines, but also raised and rectified a number of additional inconsistencies and errors with numerous families, outside the project scope which was greatly appreciated. We would gladly work with IGS again in the future

Group BIM Coordinator

Why Invest in BIM Content Libraries?

For AEC firms using Revit or ArchiCAD, extensive BIM content libraries that are developed to a consistent standard and specifically catered to creating quality project documentation are a highly valuable asset in the current commercial environment.

Conversely, an insufficient BIM content library, or one that is inconsistent in the way the content has been created, can be a major hindrance to adequately harnessing the efficiencies of BIM workflows. It can also have a significantly negative impact on their ability to compete against other firms who have superior content libraries and can produce better documentation, faster.

Most AEC firms have been gradually building their BIM content libraries over time without any overarching strategic plans or implemented and enforced procedures in place. Libraries comprising both ‘generic’ and ‘manufacturer-specific’ content have been contributed to by internal staff, external staff, manufacturers, BIM content websites (free and paid for) and ‘pilfered’ from project models.

FACT: few design firms believe they have ‘all their ducks in a row’ when it comes to their internal BIM content libraries. Significant opportunities for competitive gain exist for firms who can increase their design documentation efficiency and quality by improving their in-house BIM content.

Why Work with IGS?

  • We live and breathe BIM content. Our team are true BIM content specialists
  • We work extremely fast and with a high attention to detail
  • Our services are customised to suit every client. Only pay for what you need.
  • We have substantial experience providing BIM content services to AEC firms
  • Our QPR (Quality Price Ratio) proposition is unsurpassed
  • We understand the devil in the detail associated with firm-specific BIM content
  • We communicate with practicing AEC BIM Managers on a daily basis. We get it
  • Our agility. Work with us as often or as sparingly as you like. No lock-in contracts.

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