3D Modelling & Visualisation

3D Modelling & Visualisation Services for Manufacturers

IGS provide an extensive range of 3D modelling and visualisation services specifically catered to the needs of Building Product Manufacturers (BPM’s). Our 3D modelling and visualisation services include 3D Animations, 3D Fly-throughs and Walk-throughs, Architectural Renders, 3D Simulations, 3D Product Modelling, Web-based 3D Model Viewer Integration, Graphic Design and creating immersive, Virtual Reality environments.

Our 3D modelling and visualisation team comprises professionals with qualifications and backgrounds in Architecture, Industrial Design, Product Design, Digital Media, Architectural Specification Sales and Strategic Marketing, ensuring our deliverables are both technically well executed and designed to effectively achieve their desired results.

The IGS 3D Modelling and Visualisation Team

Our team of professionals have backgrounds in a broad range of 3D modelling and visualisation disciplines. IGS is therefore uniquely capable of providing Building Product Manufacturers with multiple solutions that are integrated and complementary to one another, ensuring that collectively they can be created efficiently and derive maximum value for our clients. Common areas of application include:

  • 3D Product Modelling
  • Architectural 3D Modelling
  • 3D Video Animations and Simulations
  • 3D Fly-throughs and Walkthroughs
  • Immersive Environments (Virtual Reality)
  • Architectural Renders: Interior / Exterior
  • 3D Model Viewer Website Integration
  • Modelling for 3D Printing

3D Modelling & Visualisation Services for Manufacturers

3D Animations and Simulations

3D animations are a great way of communicating various messages associated with marketing and selling building products. 3D animated videos can be used for such purposes as showing product assembly instructions, step-by-step installation procedures, operation simulation and demonstrating potential functionality of the product in use.

Virtual Reality Showrooms

Logistically challenging to take your products with you to presentations and demonstrations? Looking to do something a bit different and stand out in a crowd of product suppliers? How about providing specifier clients with a ‘virtual reality showroom’ experience? By creating a virtual environment where your products are installed in- situ, your clients can review your products in the context of desired project applications – or any scenario you wish – utilising VR  headsets. A truly ‘immersive’ product selection experience. Alternatively, virtual environments can be created and viewed without the requirement for VR headsets using a range of proprietary CAD/BIM model viewers. These can be viewed on laptops, tablets, projected onto screens and even embedded into web pages using web-based interactive 3D model viewers (refer below).

3D Fly-throughs and Walk-throughs

A picture tells a thousand words. Videos tell infinitely more. Generate highly detailed, design-oriented 3D fly-throughs and walk-throughs of virtual projects containing your products that can be uploaded to the web or used in presentations and demonstrations.

In-Situ Renders

Architect to Supplier: “Have you got a photo of your product installed in a project I can look at?” Developing a library of high quality, in-situ photography can be expensive and a logistical nightmare, if not downright impossible. Especially if you happen to offer an exceptionally large or customisable product range. Efficiently and effectively demonstrate project applications for your products by creating high-end rendered images for inclusion on your website, marketing collateral and PR marketing activities.

It has been and remains a genuine pleasure working with IGS to produce our pressed metal panel dies. IGS have a great eye for detail and the results have always been outstanding. They are prepared to go the extra mile to meet our customer deadlines when necessary, and have the communication and liaison skills to ensure each project comes together smoothly. We are always kept up to date with how the work is progressing. All of us here at Wunderlite Panels have no hesitation in recommending IGS for your 3D modelling and industrial needs.”

Scott Eastment
Managing Director

3D Product Design Modelling

Whether you’re designing a new product from scratch or modifying an existing one, the IGS team can help you visualise design concepts and create valuable marketing collateral using highly detailed 3D CAD models. Our background in manufacturing, product and industrial design, amd our experience working with a broad range of commercial product suppliers means we are able to offer a unique combination of technical CAD capability with strategic, outcome-oriented strategic advisory.

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