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IGS is internationally recognised as industry leaders in developing high quality, fit-for-purpose Revit content libraries for Building Product Manufacturers (BPM’s). Since 2009, the IGS team has provided Revit Content Creation Services to product manufacturers, helping them increase their commercial project specification sales volumes and provide better support to their specification clients.

The Revit content IGS creates is specifically catered to the needs of commercial Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms, several of whom employ IGS’ Revit Content Creation Services themselves.

What do others think about our Revit Content Creation Services?

IGS are the experts in their field. From my personal experience, I believe they are creating the best and most useable BIM content in Australia, if not globally.

Senior Manager – Architecture

In my experience, IGS have proven to be very passionate individuals who have committed themselves to going beyond current industry standards and are helping raise the bar in the service that manufacturers are entitled to expect within this industry.

Global Specialist – Design Technology

Make Your Products Easier and Faster to Specify by Providing Revit Content and They’ll be Specified More Often

Quality is Everything

With Revit content, quality is absolutely everything. It cannot be stressed enough, and it is extremely important that BPM’s understand Revit content creation must be undertaken with an acute comprehension of how Revit content is used by design professionals in projects and therefore, how Revit content needs to be created. Revit families are not just ‘another type of 3D CAD file’ that anyone with a CAD / Drafting background can create.

Unless Revit families are created by Revit content creation specialists, it is highly likely they will end up being of little use to designers and therefore, provide minimal value to the manufacturer.

Why Should Building Product Suppliers Provide Revit Content?

In years gone by, Building Product Manufacturers (BPM’s) provided 2D ‘CAD blocks’ as a way of making their products easier and faster for specifers to document in their projects. In today’s environment where construction professionals are documenting in 3D and using BIM workflows, it is fast becoming essential for BPM’s to offer fit-for-purpose BIM content if they are to be considered a ‘preferred supplier’.

In recent years, Autodesk Revit has become the most widely used BIM authoring tool used by Australian Architects, Engineers and Contractors to design and coordinate commercial building projects.

Having access to pre-built Revit content provides significant efficiencies to designers using Revit to document projects. BPM’s that are able to offer quality Revit content for their products are providing specifiers with a service that allows designers to generate their project documentation deliverables more efficiently and often, more accurately. Owing to this service, there is a greater likelihood of the BPM’s products being specified in cases where they are being considered for specification, especially in circumstances where another supplier cannot provide Revit content for their products, or the quality of their Revit content by comparison is inferior.

The IGS BIM Advisory Panel

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” – Roy H. Williams

To ensure our Revit content creation methods and resulting Revit content libraries cater to the specific needs and preferences of AEC professionals, IGS has formed the IGS BIM Advisory Panel. The IGS BIM Advisory Panel is made up of highly regarded BIM specialists currently working in Australia’s most prolific AEC firms. IGS engages the Advisory Panel when undertaking Revit content creation projects for new BPM clients. This allows panel members to have input into the methodology of Revit content development. This provides confidence to the BPM that their Revit content is more likely to be adopted by design firms. Find out more HERE.

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