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What Does IGS Do?

Established in 2009, Innovative Growth Solutions (IGS) is internationally recognised as an industry leader in BIM content creation for both Building Product Manufacturers (BPM’s) and building design professionals. We are especially known for our experience and expertise in Revit Content Creation.

With the global building design industry rapidly adopting BIM processes and the number of manufacturers offering ‘BIM content’ growing rapidly, IGS’ clients are often seen as the market leaders in their field, offering the most consistent, performance-oriented and user-friendly BIM content libraries for their products. Our Revit content creation services are also employed directly by some of Australia’s largest design firms for developing and auditing in-house BIM Content Libraries.

In addition to BIM content creation, IGS offers a range of services centered around our expertise in using Autodesk Revit, our experience employing innovative design technologies to improve outcomes for our clients and our relationships with key BIM / design staff from Australia’s largest and most prolific AEC firms. The IGS BIM Advisory Panel is a good example of our unsurpassed industry engagement.

Revit Content Creation

IGS is as an internationally recognised industry leader in the creation of Revit content for Building Product Manufacturers and design firms seeking premium quality Revit content.

BIM Marketing and strategy

IGS works with product suppliers to develop highly effective sales strategies built around BIM content creation, content distribution and astute AEC network marketing.

BIM Content Libraries

IGS is experienced in creating and auditing BIM content libraries for design firms in both Revit and ArchiCAD so they are fit for purpose and consistent, ensuring they provide maximum value.

Revit Add-Ins

Wanting to automate a process in Revit? IGS creates high quality Revit add-ins that allow users to work faster, reduce errors and deliver better project documentation.

What Do Others Think About IGS?

To produce quality BIM content requires high levels of skill, ingenuity and vision in the areas of data management, software and construction knowledge. IGS understand this and as a result, they are industry leaders. Their content is of high quality, well researched, and adds value to the design professional, the product manufacturer who have invested in it, and the industry as a whole.

– BIM Manager

Having been given Revit (BIM) content from a large number of manufacturers, it’s my opinion the Revit content created for manufacturers by IGS is the most consistent in terms of quality and the most likely to be used in a project by our design and consulting teams.

– BIM Leader

With the rapid increase of BIM workflows being utilised on commercial projects, Dulux was keen to develop tools that enabled our products to be selected and documented ‘within’ BIM design platforms. IGS have been an attentive, enthusiastic partner and on hand to provide advice and support where needed. We would highly recommend IGS as a creator of BIM solutions and BIM strategy to others, as we have already done on a number of occasions.

– National Specification Manager
Dulux Australia

Metlam saw investing in BIM as a key factor in achieving our objective to grow our commercial project sales through architectural specification. IGS was recommended by several Architecture firms as the best BIM content provider in the business. Working with the IGS team has been a pleasure. The quality of their service has been outstanding.

– General Manager
Metlam Australia

CASE Studies

CHS Healthcare

A highly customisable product available in a seemingly infinite number of configurations. IGS developed a simple yet powerful Revit solution for CHS Healthcare.


Market leading building product suppliers are expected to develop highly effective and innovative specification tools. The Dulux ‘Colour Atlas’ for Revit is exactly that


The Britex library of over 400 Revit families is recognised as one of Australia’s seminal Revit content libraries for plumbing products and architectural fittings.


Wilkhahn’s high-end office chairs and conference furnishings are ‘Design Made in Germany’, but their global Revit content roll-out was proudly created in Australia.


As Australia’s No.1 supplier of commmercial Washroom Accessories, it was only ‘fitting’ that Metlam chose IGS to create its BIM content portfolio.

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