IGS Acquired by UNIFI Labs

It is with great excitement we announce on 30 June, 2016 IGS BIM Solutions was acquired by UNIFI Labs.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, UNIFI Labs are best known as the creators of the cloud-based ‘UNIFI’ platform, widely regarded as the world’s premier BIM Content Management application.

A full statement about the merger can be found on the UNIFI site HERE

…more from the IGS BIM Solutions team on the merger.


The merger of IGS and UNIFI represents a tremendous opportunity for two businesses to join together and provide BIM content creation, management and strategy services in a way that is unmatched by any other organisation. Drawing on our combined experience, expertise and resources, UNIFI Labs is focussed on contributing maximum value across the building lifecycle by providing best-of-breed BIM content solutions to Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs), Architects, Engineers, Contractors (AECs) and Asset Managers.

What does this mean for…

For IGS’ manufacturer clients: In the immediate future it is very much a case of ‘business as usual’ in terms of the types of services, points of contact and level of quality our clients have come to expect from us. The same team will be working on your projects and we will continue providing you with the industry’s best BIM content solutions. We are however working on new developments that will facilitate greater connectivity between product manufacturers and AECs which we hope to share soon.

For IGS’ AEC clients: Through our new resource base encompassing the talented UNIFI team and the UNIFI platform itself, we will be able to offer a far more extensive and complete range of content services. We are particularly excited about the opportunity to provide industry-best services across the whole content spectrum and assist you wherever you need improvement in Creating, Auditing, Updating, Managing and Sharing your content libraries. Whether it be creating ad-hoc Revit content on demand, auditing and rectifying 10,000 Revit families according to a specific standard, developing a complete Revit library for a particular product category or assisting with the implementation of a multi-office UNIFI content management roll-out, we look forward to discussing with you how our tools and our team can add maximum value to your ever-evolving content library.